QAnswerer - Proving ground - 1

Step 1 - install the extension

Step 2 - configure the extension:

- click on the extension to open the settings window

- check "Work on site"

- in the "XPath for get question" field, enter:


- in the "XPath for get answer" field, enter:

(.//*[contains(concat(" ",normalize-space(@class)," ")," answer ")])[1]

Click me if you want video instructions

So we received a question from our client:

Jesse Tino


Hello. Please tell me the address of your office.

Reply to the client in your own words or use this text:

Our office is located at the address - New York, Franklin street, house 6.
When visiting our office, please call us at: +555-377-11-22

Thanks for answering user! The plugin has not helped in any way yet, BUT it has saved a couple question-answer and will select the same answer for you next time if the question is similar.

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